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About Us


Spreading Kindness

Kid2Kid is a non-for-profit organization started in the Toronto Beaches community by two moms who wanted their children to experience first-hand how their efforts can concretely help others. So, they put their heads together to find a way to make a difference with their kids and Kid2Kid was launched in 2019. 

Their mission is to encourage children to spread kindness through volunteer initiatives that directly impact children in need. In the past four years they have hosted bi-annual backpack initiatives; “Got Your Back” is their summer project which entails ordering back to school supplies (from wholesalers) and having children come out on an assigned date to help pack these backpacks with essential back to school supplies (e.g., notebooks, water bottles, stationery). Their “Winter Tote” project works in the same way, yet it takes place in the winter and the totes include winter essentials (e.g., gloves, socks, hot chocolate, crazy carpets). They donate these bags to the places with kids in need (such as the Red Door Family Shelter in Leslieville).  



Hiya, I'm Shah Ruby.  Mom to Caspian + Boston and Wife to my sweetie Alan. I love creating (mostly jewellery), learning, hanging out in nature and giving back.

Caroline is one of my best friends.  She's one of the kindest and most considerate human beings that I have ever met. She's also an incredibly talented watercolour artist.

One day Caroline asked me if I was involved with any charities that her kids could potentially volunteer with.  At that time I had been leading a "clothing drive and pizza party" with a bunch of awesome volunteers.  We called ourselves the "Pizza Pals" and we hosted these events at shelters around Toronto.  This was not a kid friendly environment as sometimes there were illegal activities, fights and disease.  So that's when Caroline and I decided to put our thinking caps on and come up with an opportunity for our kids and other kids to give back through "spreading kindness" ....ahhh i just love the sound of that.



Hi! My name is Caroline, and I am the cofounder of Kid2Kid. I have two kids, Emma and Alex. As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be kind and considerate people. It is because of those values that the idea of Kid2Kid came about. Volunteering with Kid2Kid is one way that kids of all ages can take action and concretely help others. 

When I’m not working on Kid2kid, I am pursuing my passion of personal and professional development coaching and training. Or, you might see me walking with Shah on the beach, planning our next adventure. 


I'm on a mission to help bring out the best in people by spreading kindness everywhere. 

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