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"Got Your Back" Summer Initiative

Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020

With our goal of hosting four volunteer initiatives a year, one per season - we are so excited to have finalized our summer initiative, Got Your Back. This summer event entails our kid volunteers helping put together brand new backpacks and school supplies for kids at the Red Door Shelter.

We recently hosted our first summer initiative. Due to COVID-19 just a handful of us packed all the bags (outdoors, wearing masks) and some volunteers packed the bags from their home. We delivered them to Red Door Shelter and heard later that the kids were so happy to get their backpacks.

Below are some quotes and photos from this wonderful opportunity that we had.

"What is a shelter mom?’’

…"It’s a safe place where families who need some help can go and stay for awhile.’’

“Mom, can I keep these markers?”

… “No sweetheart, you already have a lot of markers. These are being donated to kids just like you, but at a different stage in life, and who don’t have many markers right now.”

“I’m happy to get to help out like this!”

Thank you to all the volunteers (from home) and the generous folks who sponsored backpacks for us to pack.

Many families also have continued to sponsor backpacks for next year’s annual ‘Got Your Back’ initiative, which will take place at the end of July/early August 2021, just in time for back to school preparation.

If you would like to be involved or have additional ‘giving back’ ideas, please shoot us an email at

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