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Our First Volunteer Initiative

Winter was approaching and we were eager to get our kids started in giving back. We decided to look for an already existing volunteer initiative and join them, until we came up with what we wanted kid2kid to be all about. So here is what went down on December 22, 2019:

Today, on a sunny winter morning, a bunch of selfless and energetic volunteers participated in the yearly ‘Share a Christmas’ program that took place at Community Centre 55. This was the first event that the Kid2Kid volunteers took part in, and it was SO rewarding.

Many families from the Beach community were lined up outside the centre’s parking lot to help sort perishable food and help pack the big trucks. These goods will be delivered this afternoon to over 900 families.

Once we were finished, we went inside the cozy centre and had some hot chocolate, chilli, hot dogs and other tasty treats. We discussed how nice it is to have our kids involved in giving back and how fortunate we felt to be part of this event.

A few moms shared what their kids had said:

“It’s really good that all these people will have food to eat for the holidays. And cake, everyone loves cake!” ~ Rohan, 6 years old

“I wish houses were free so that everyone can have one and stay warm” ~ Emma, 7 years old

“We are giving food to people who don’t have a lot of food, but we have a lot of food” ~ Caspian, 3 years old

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