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Kid pilot with toy jetpack against autum
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A non profit organization that aims to involve children in community initiatives that benefit other children.

Our goal is to relieve poverty by providing school supplies and other basic necessities of life to youth in need in Toronto and surrounding areas.


As caregivers, we must lead by example. Our kids learn from us as their role models and from hands-on experience. At Kid2Kid, we encourage children to spread kindness through small and large actions.

We have two "Got Your Back" initiatives per year: a Winter Tote one held in January/February & a Back to School backpack one held in July/August.

Started in the Toronto Beaches community by two moms (Caroline & Shah) of young kids who wanted their children to experience first hand how their efforts can concretely help others. Because fundraising alone is sometimes difficult for kids to understand, these two motivated moms put their heads together to find a way to make a difference with their kids.


1. Volunteer with your kids, a friend's kids or any kid in your life at our next volunteer initiative. Please click here for details on the next initiative.

2.  Sponsor a bag ($15-30 each) and we can pack it on your behalf or you can request to join our packing team and help out.

3.  Become part of our Administrative Team:  From helping us source items to donate, to finding inspiring articles to share on our "Good News + Views" blog sections, to coming out to pack bags at our events.  

4. Help out at our next Fundraising "Kid's Marketplace".

More details here.

To participate in any of the above roles, please shoot us an email & let us know which you are interested in.


Charitable Registration: 717208805 RR0001

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