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Wild Winter Day

Today, some kind-hearted volunteers gathered together at the Beaches Recreation Centre to pack winter totes destined to the kids residing at the Red Door Family Shelter.

These totes were filled with winter goodies; including crazy carpets, mittens, socks, hot chocolate and some fun stationary. These bags will be delivered to the Red Door Shelter this week. We are so happy that we are able to provide 48 kids with a bit of winter joy.

We were also very pleased to have so many volunteers turn out. This is truly a team effort, and we could not do it without them. We felt a sense of community coming together and through their actions, spreading a little kindness in our world.

To all the parents and adult volunteers, a sincere thank you for leading by example. How rewarding it is to have our youth learn from you in this way.

Last and not least, a huge thank you to the Beaches Recreation Centre for not only letting us use your space for packing these totes, but for your generous contribution towards Kid2Kid over the years.

Overall it was a wild winter day!

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