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100 Totes Ready for Delivery! Got Your Back Winter '24 Edition

Updated: Mar 16

It was an unusually mild February day. The sun was beaming as folks strolled to the Beaches Recreation Centre wearing their spring coats and broad smiles. Volunteers small and tall, ages 3 through 14 heaved heavy boxes and set up a 24 foot assembly line. As cartons were sliced open, the tables began to fill with cheerful marker sets, colouring books, note books, stripped rainbow gloves, neck warmers, hot chocolate packs, and soft grey blankets.

Some of the volunteers began to pack 100 scarlet totes with these goodies. Meanwhile others were stationed in the "creative corner". A place where their imaginations were unleashed. They drew magical pictures and wrote inspiring messages for the children at the Red Door Family Shelter in Leslieville, who will be receiving these winter totes.

These cards were the finishing touch in each bag.

Pride warmed our hearts as we took in the kind souls in front of our eyes. We are truly blessed to live in such a caring community and for having the opportunity to give back to kids that are currently in less fortunate circumstances.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help and many of you who have supported us with your generous donations throughout the years.

With much gratitude,

Shah and Caroline

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