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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

On Saturday June 3, the beach community came out to the Beaches Recreation Centre to support over 35 young entrepreneurs in their creative business ventures, which included freshly made cotton candy by "Flossie Sweet Candyz", Customized utensils by "For U by Me", Snow cones/popsicles & freezies by "Stay Cool", Pancakes by "Lapas Pancake Palace" and many many more as seen below! The event was a huge success...we raised over $10,000!

Over sixty local businesses contributed to our event, creating a very exciting silent auction. Guests bid on items ranging from generous restaurant gift certificates from Limon, Mira Mira, Isabella's to facials from Pure + Simple - Beach and massages from Therapy Lounge & Hand + Stone. We also had many monetary sponsors such as Cathy Strati from Lennard Commercial Realty, Grace & Co., Meta Realty, Toronto Roofing Industries and many more.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the entrepreneurs, sponsors, community, volunteers, and Roland and Frank from the Beaches Recreation Centre... this event would not be possible without your support.

We look forward to continuing on the Kid's Marketplace every June! So to the entrepreneurs out there, start thinking of what business venture you would like to take on. And to sponsors interested in coming on board, we are happy to include you anytime throughout the year.


Here is what we'd love help with:

1. If you are a business (or know a business) that is able to donate items for our bi-annual "Got Your Back" initiatives please contact us. This includes: backpacks, totes, back to school supplies such as lunch bags, water bottles, and starionary. As well as winter essentials, including Kids' socks, hats, gloves, hot chocolate, snacks, and crazy carpets!

2. If you are an educator (or know one): We would love to have kids in the school system involved in spreading kindness through our "Got Your Back" initiatives. Please get in touch to make this happen.

3. If you are a youth and would like to volunteer to help pack bags for our two bi-annual "Got Your Back" initiatives please check out home page in early July and early February for the date it will be taking place. If you are available, please email us to reserve your (and your family/friend's) spot - space is limited to about 35 volunteers.

Shah Ruby & Caroline Thomson...humbled & proud

Event Photographer: Jasmin Wang Photography

Event Videographer: Jay Marks

Web, graphic design & logo by: EDG

Printing by: The Mail Slot & Still Images

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